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What to pack in your pregnancy hospital bag. A Checklist for all your labour bag essentials.

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Congratulations on you pregnancy. Pregnancy and parenthood is an exciting time, especially as your due date in nearing. Packing your pregnancy hospital bag can be quite a task amongst all the other baby preparations taking place before baby's arrival. Knowing exactly what to pack isn't always in the forefront of our minds during this exciting yet scary time. That's why lists are our favourite!

You may want to ensure that your pregnancy hospital bag is packed and ready well before your due date. We recommend around the 30-32 week mark. This is because babies have a timeline of their own sometimes. You'll want to be prepared if baby decides to make a spontaneous early appearance. Besides, one can never be too prepared. Having your labour bag packed and ready to go will leave you feeling prepared and less anxious when the time finally comes to head to the hospital and meet your little bundle of joy. 

So here is our labour bag checklist ready to go.. time to get packing!


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